How To Become a Small Business Operator in Your Local Community

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August 10, 2022

Starting your first business is a major undertaking, but community support can help you succeed. In addition, relationships between small businesses and local communities are often mutually beneficial. New entrepreneurs can find ways to balance business obligations and community engagement with these tips.

Prepare to Do Business

As a business owner, you’ll be required to wear a lot of hats. Operating a business requires a variety of skills, many of which you may not feel comfortable with. If you want to run a business but don’t feel quite prepared, completing an MBA degree can help you bridge the skill gap. In as little as one year, you can complete a flexible online MBA program. In it, you’ll have exposure to a variety of business management aspects, allowing you to hone your skills before taking on your own business.

Choose an Inspiring Idea

Selecting an idea is the first step in starting a new business. You can gain motivation by picking a business idea that excites and inspires. You should think about your skill set and interests and research different businesses that appeal to both. Furthermore, look at other local companies and identify areas of community need. Make sure you take practical concerns into account and weigh the responsibilities of the various business ideas you consider. You can use pro and con lists to help you organize your thoughts.

Select a Structure

One of the most significant choices in starting your company involves choosing a business structure. Small businesses are often formed as partnerships, sole proprietorships, LLCs, or S corps. 

In partnerships and sole proprietorships, the owners have full personal liability. By contrast, LLCs have limited liability which can protect business owners, since their personal property is legally separated from their business. Unlike larger corporations that must deal with complex taxes and increased paperwork, a North Carolina LLC has more flexibility. 

An S corporation in North Carolina is also worth considering. Individual business owners benefit from self-employment tax savings with this structure, and they can opt for pass-through taxation as well as deductions on their business losses.

Plan Out the Basics

While each small business has its unique concerns, there are some basic steps that more entrepreneurs must take when starting a new company. You should create a plan from the start so that you don't overlook any important steps. Find out what you must do to establish your business legally, such as registering your company in your state and obtaining local licenses and insurance. You should also draft a business plan that outlines how your company will operate and earn income. If you need to seek funding to get started, you can include that in your plan as well.

To do business in the modern world means having a website. You can have a website built for your specific business needs, but don’t forget to invest in your online security as well. As a new business, you can be perceived as vulnerable, so look out for your long-term interests by having a plan to counteract cyber attacks and threats. This includes staying current on software patches, performing regular backups, and training employees to detect scams. 

Market Your Services or Products

Marketing your new business can be a daunting task, but with some creativity and hard work, you can be successful. You'll need to identify your target market and potential customers and figure out how your business can address their needs. Traditional advertising methods like print ads can be effective, but you may also want to consider more modern approaches like online advertising or social media marketing

As part of your marketing strategy, you should design a memorable logo for your business. You can save on hiring a graphic designer by using a logo maker to create free online logos. Customize ready-made templates and then share, upload, and print your new logo.

Find Your Community

Small businesses thrive when they engage with their local community. Furthermore, the presence of entrepreneurs can benefit communities in return through charitable giving, advocacy and volunteer work. Studies show that 82% of consumers consider a company's social responsibility when making purchasing choices. Increasing your level of involvement can help build your brand and drive sales. You can engage in community building by donating time and resources, organizing fundraising events and getting involved in local causes.

Although starting a business comes with many responsibilities, engaging with your local community is worthwhile. Not only can you give back to your community, but your business can also seek support to help it grow.

Network with other local entrepreneurs by joining the Granville County Chamber of Commerce!

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