Made in Granville: AMT Group

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This is our inaugural article of the “Made in Granville” series, a collaborative effort between the Chamber of Commerce and the Granville County Economic Development Office to highlight the impact that our major employers and industry drivers have on the economy and quality of life in Granville County. We’re thrilled to feature AMT Group, Inc., who has recently joined the Chamber.
We hope our readers enjoy learning about the major employers in Granville County over the course of this series. Without their contributions to our tax base and our communities, we would not have the growing and thriving momentum we are currently experiencing.
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When you drive south on E Lyon Station Road in Creedmoor, a large white building appears on the right side of the road and both the United States flag and the State of North Carolina flag are flying out front. A third flag joins them with the distinct green AMT Group, Inc. (AMT Group) logo, complimenting the company signage on the building.
I live in Butner, and drive past the campus often on my way to and from the GCEDO in Oxford. I generally had an idea of what AMT Group was, but after Mark Leath, Chief Executive Officer, and Key Winkler, Human Resources Manager, of AMT Group spent some time with me over the phone in early April, I learned that there is incredible, life-saving work happening just miles from my home. So if you have ever wondered what is in that building, the one behind it or the one across the street even, wonder no more.
AMT Group was established in 2011 as a management company that oversees general, day-to-day operation practices of three entities. Each entity manufactures a full range of products that serve the Global Scientific, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Forensic market segments. The core products for each company provide occupational safety from potentially harmful airborne contaminations and help to prevent healthcare associated infections.  The products range from laboratory fume hoods, forensic development equipment and medical devices.  From the Creedmoor campus, AirClean® Systems, Mystaire® and CS Medical LLC all conduct their design and manufacturing operations.
AirClean® Systems is considered the oldest company, founded in 1992. AirClean® manufactures laboratory fume hoods for workstations that require continuous clean air flow. Some of the products were used on the front end of PCR testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. AirClean® makes systems for labs all around the world, with office locations in Australia and Canada. In 2021, AirClean® expanded its operations by constructing an additional 162,000 square feet of manufacturing space.
CS Medical LLC is a medical device manufacturing company. Established in 2003, CS Medical’s products are developed with a focus on hospitals and surgery centers specializing in cardiovascular operations. CS Medical products are designed to provide science-based solutions for the cleaning and disinfecting of ultrasound probes.   
Mystaire® offers a full range of containment solutions for general chemistry, molecular biology, pharmaceutical, forensic, and academic research and manufacturing.  Mystaire® manufactures laboratory hoods as well as PCR workstations and laminar flow hoods, Mark indicated that “Mystaire® focuses on law enforcement forensic solutions.” Government law enforcement agencies at the local, state, federal and International agencies utilize these products when doing forensic testing, as well as fentanyl containment and protection for law enforcement officers. They also manufacture biological forensic drying cabinets for evidence storage and preservation. “If you’ve ever watched CSI, we make a product for ‘latent print development’ with cyanoacrylate,” Key shared.
Mark cited planning and development policy changes in the Triangle region and the low supply of a skilled labor force as driving factors in selecting Granville County for its relocation. “The business-friendly environment, a talented labor pool for our products and equipment, and available land for expansion in Granville County made the decision easy for us,” Mark said.
The company now employs 170 employees total and oversees operations in manufacturing and distribution for all three entities from a total of 300,000 square feet of space.
While the companies each have their own global distribution networks, it's the Creedmoor campus where these operations take place that has the biggest impact. “The people at AMT Group care about what we do because our products take care of people,” Mark stated. “Our products and our services make a difference in so many people’s lives from around the globe from healthcare to laboratories to the scientific communities.”
AMT Group is currently hiring for a variety of positions in both the professional and technical skilled position areas. “We’re growing now and hope to keep growing,” said Key. “We have openings for different entry levels and education backgrounds.” If you or someone you know is interested in working with AMT Group, please visit

Written by: Audrey Boone, Granville County Economic Development Specialist