Student Spotlight: Rising Senior Shines

Student Spotlight: Rising Senior Shines
The Granville County Chamber of Commerce is proud to showcase the remarkable achievements of local students who demonstrate exceptional talent, dedication, and promise. In our first edition of our Student Spotlight series, we turn our attention to a rising senior who has made a lasting impact in academics, leadership, and community engagement. Meet Cassie Peele, an inspiring young individual who embodies the spirit of success, work ethic, and community involvement.  Cassie is a rising senior at Granville Early College and an employee of Strong Arm Baking Co. in Oxford.

Cassie was nominated for the Student Spotlight by Julia Blaine, owner of Strong Arm Baking Company.  “Cassie has worked for us for almost 2 years. She arrives to work every Saturday morning at 4:30am, before most high school students could even dream about waking up. Cassie started as a cleaner, only responsible for scraping bits of dried dough from boards and scrubbing down tables. As she finished her work quickly and effectively, she asked for more tasks, more ways she could help. Now Cassie is responsible for our wholesale packing operation, leading 4 other employees in how to pack all our goods correctly for our dozens of wholesale accounts. She brings us problems along with solutions she’s come up with… asking only for our approval. Now Cassie also represents our business at two farmers markets, keeping a clean and efficient selling space and treating customers and coworkers alike with respect and kindness. She is a true shining star for our business… continually rising to meet new challenges, and consistently surprising us with her problem-solving ideas, and positive, contagious attitude.”

In addition to Cassie’s outstanding work ethic and leadership, she is deeply committed to making a difference in the local community. Cassie serves as a volunteer with Granville County Teen Court and is a member of the Granville County Youth Leadership Council.  She is also a member of the National Honor Society and serves on the Granville County Library Board of Trustees at the Richard H. Thornton Library where she gives adults feedback on how teens view the changes and policies of the library. As if that wasn’t enough, she gives blood to the American Red Cross Association and creates holiday cards for the children’s hospital.

“Cassie is so deserving of this recognition.  She is a humble, intelligent, and kind person and it has been my pleasure to serve as her College Liaison over the past 3 years. I am very proud of her and the contributions of her time and talents to the Granville County community.  In addition to her work at Strong Arm Bakery, her service to various organizations will have a lasting impact.  I encourage her to keep shining bright and to continue the awesome work on and off the job!” states Reba Bullock, Granville Early College, and Chamber Board President.

As a rising senior, Cassie has an exciting path ahead. With her exceptional academic record, remarkable leadership skills, and commitment to community service, she has positioned herself as a role model for future generations.  Strong Arm Baking Co. has given Cassie a sense of belonging, showing that Thomas and Julia truly lead by example.  Cassie told the Chamber, “Strong Arm Baking is like my second home.  This work environment is helping me obtain more knowledge for my future career which will probably be in business administration. Thomas and Julia Blaine are role models in the Granville County community that can show that anything is possible!”

Cassie Peele exemplifies the qualities of a well-rounded, accomplished student who is poised to make a lasting impact in their community. Her achievements in academics, leadership, and community engagement have set a high standard for excellence. The Chamber of Commerce recognizes and applauds Cassie’s outstanding accomplishments and looks forward to watching her continue to shine!